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More often than not, it take more than just photos, words or audio recordings to tell a good story these days.

Those are times when it's  great to be reporting the news for that internet audience.

The Throwback Thursday blog


"Throwback Thursday" reframed older content in a way relevant to students' lives in present time. The throwbacks revealed culture clashes and hidden histories of minority communities. Each weekly post brought to light stories of a Confederate legacy, African-American women expressing themselves through the stage, LGBT students in hiding or daring to take a stand, and a disabled alumnus who created both a more accessible campus along with a wheelchair basketball team that would become the school's most recognized sports team.


One blog post well-received by readers was an article on the rise of Vietnamese gangs alongside increasing Asian American enrollment (accessible here). 

Diversity Week Q-and-A reveals harsh truths


I like to give a lot of the credit here to Civil Rights figure Minnijean Brown-Trickey, her amazing story and her work. I'm very thankful I got the opportunity to use my photography, audio and reporting abilities to retell her lecture for a wider audience.


Read the story here.

Review: 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action' at the wrong time


During one summer I approached the Life and Entertainment editor and wrote a series of music reviews to help fill some gaps in content production.


Besides getting to flex my creative writing muscles, I got to throw myself into music criticism, a genre I'm a long-time fan of. My last article that season, my personal favorite, went on to receive one of three Certificates of Merit from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.


Read it here.

Student poet finds inspiration in her past, future


This was a collaborative effort with the reporter who found and wrote text for the story. Using his words and my multimedia elements, we created a centerpiece article for a special section for university graduation.


During the reporting process I took photos and recorded audio. Online, I worked from the wall of text and added sounds and visuals in places that best complemented the flow and information of the story.


The end result was a rich reading experience. The article can be read here.

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